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Suppliers and Demands

ShareComplaints are not a common occurrence here at Venture. Though mistakes occasionally happen, I am of the opinion that it’s the measure of a company as to how the mistake is rectified, and so we bend over backwards to resolve … Continue reading

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Received in Good Condition (Except When it’s Not)

ShareAs a national supplier of large-format print to the print trade, the most effective way of getting our finished product to our customer or the end-user is using couriers. We’ve been sending out approximately five thousand separate items every month … Continue reading

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Scams And How To Avoid Being Caught Out

ShareWe’ve all laughed at the email from the wealthy African Prince offering a cut of his millions in return for help to get those millions out of the country. ‘Who an earth would fall for that?’ we snigger as we … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Banners

ShareDue to the massive increase in demand for banners over the past couple of weeks, combined with four Bank Holidays, we have been a little swamped with requests for urgent banners. Unfortunately, we have been unable to turn banners around … Continue reading

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Buying From China? No Thanks!

ShareBuying printed banners from China has been seen as a viable cost-effective method of banner production by many banner printing companies for a while now. But this is not without its drawbacks. We have been approached by an increasing number … Continue reading

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A Good Service These Days Is Hard To Find

Share(Don’t worry this has nothing to do with Feargal Sharkey, with the exception of the poorly conceived headline) Being blessed with still having most of my hair, albeit now going grey around the edges, I have to make time to … Continue reading

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Scam Email Banner Orders and How to Spot Them

ShareBeing a banner printer we are subject to a particular type of scam. I am sure that this scam is not exclusive to us and can be easily adapted to other industries. The Initial Contact If you have a website … Continue reading

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