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The Fabric of Life

ShareAs a stereotypical middle-class family, we have two cars. My neighbour only has one. But his is a Bentley Continental GT and in a game of top trumps his Bentley will always beat the pickup truck and the Mazda SUV … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Sun

Share It’s January, and as I sit here in the office looking out of the window, the sky is grey, the drizzle is falling and every now and again the roof patters with the sound of a brief hail shower … Continue reading

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Suppliers and Demands

ShareComplaints are not a common occurrence here at Venture. Though mistakes occasionally happen, I am of the opinion that it’s the measure of a company as to how the mistake is rectified, and so we bend over backwards to resolve … Continue reading

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The Print Show 2017

ShareEarls Court 2002, the London Boat Show. I found myself sipping champagne on the top deck of an 80ft boat (should it be called a yacht?) with a very nice man in chinos and a blazer who was showing me … Continue reading

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Scams And How To Avoid Being Caught Out

ShareWe’ve all laughed at the email from the wealthy African Prince offering a cut of his millions in return for help to get those millions out of the country. ‘Who an earth would fall for that?’ we snigger as we … Continue reading

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

ShareI am sure you are aware Venture Banners advertise a double page spread in most of the leading print trade magazines. We have long standing relationships with these magazines and advertise month in, month out, all year round. In fact … Continue reading

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It’s Been A While

ShareHow have you been keeping? We’ve taken our sweet time in getting this latest post up and for that we can only apologise, but we have good reason… honest. Way back in March we announced that we had moved down … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

ShareLet me start by saying “Happy New Year everyone”. Welcome to 2012, the year of the Olympics, UEFA European Championships and, if you believe the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the End of the World. Well, at Venture Banners we are going … Continue reading

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On Phoenix Companies

Share We find ourselves facing challenging economic conditions and they are not being made any easier by the rising number of companies going bust to avoid their debt and then starting up again the very next day with a different … Continue reading

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