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With a background in car sales, Scott fell onto his marketing feet whilst in the motor-trade. From here, he went on to successfully market one of the biggest dealerships in the South East. As the company's primary founder, Scott left his post as Marketing Manager for the dealer group to "venture" out on his own, starting what is now one of the bestest banner companies in the UK. Despite his fascination with over-sized man-eating crocodiles and his fear of Werewolves, he has continued to drive the business forward and to help others to enjoy the fruits the Banner World has to offer.

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On Phoenix Companies

Share We find ourselves facing challenging economic conditions and they are not being made any easier by the rising number of companies going bust to avoid their debt and then starting up again the very next day with a different … Continue reading

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Introducing Flags!

ShareWhen I look back on it, it was a bizarre set of coincidences that led me into large format printing and starting Venture Banners (a story for another time!), but when we were setting up the business all those years … Continue reading

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The Origin Of The Problem

ShareA long time ago, before I decided large format printing might be a good way of putting bread on the table and clothing the children, I sold cars. I started in the mid eighties selling Fiat’s and I gradually progressed … Continue reading

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New Blog, New Ideas

Share So here we are — the people behind Venture Banners. Hello! Three and a half years on from when we were a two-man operation in a garage, our business has grown exponentially year-on-year. We’ve moved to our own office, … Continue reading

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