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Ian Oliver has always had a keen interest in design and computers. He started using CorelDRAW at the age of ten, later migrating to Adobe InDesign at fourteen. After leaving College, Ian secured his first job as a print-based designer at Dovercourt Ford in Essex, working in the marketing department alongside Scott and Wayne. He has since learnt the fine-art of front-end web development, and trained himself using best-practice modern web standards. Also interested in the world of technology, Ian now describes himself as an Open Source and web standards advocate, Graphic Designer, front-end Web Developer, expert in the intricacies of HTML and CSS, and an all-round tech geek. He sees HTML like Neo sees the Matrix.

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A New Home For Venture Banners

ShareWe’ve been in our Chelmsford office since November 2009, and in that time we’ve seen exponential business growth. Our team has got bigger, we’re dealing with more customers than ever before, and we’re printing more than we’ve ever printed. As … Continue reading

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Proof Reading for Splelling Mistakes

ShareYou saw what I did there, didn’t you? …Or did you? Just testing! Having been fortunate enough to work with websites and online content, it has become very easy to correct my mistakes. With just a few clicks, a mistake … Continue reading

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Web Browser Support

ShareMany a year ago, to ‘surf’ the Internet, we all clicked that ever-present ‘blue e’ icon, Internet Explorer. This of course, was only natural—it was all we knew. At the height of it’s dominance in 2002 and 2003, Microsoft commanded … Continue reading

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The Xscape is Back in Stock, Kind of…

ShareA couple of months ago, the stocks of our Xscape banner display system were depleted. Sadly, we weren’t able to order a new shipment in time, and we weren’t sure when we’d be getting more in, so we decided it … Continue reading

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File Transfer Services: The Good, The Bad, and the Broken

ShareEach time an order is placed, everyone is prompted to upload their corresponding artwork. For two and a half years, we’ve used YouSendIt as our file transfer service of choice. YouSendIt has, by and large, been fantastic. It has given … Continue reading

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Studio Time: Rich Black is the New Black

ShareWhen it comes to banners, black is a fairly commonplace colour. Whether it’s bright text on a black background, or black text on a bright background, black is used all the time. It’s also often used in company logos. For … Continue reading

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Studio Time: Artwork Requirements Overview

ShareIt would be easy to imagine that as a design studio, we mostly design banners. We wish that were the case, but we actually spend a lot of time making sure that artwork is ok. The reason being is that … Continue reading

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Studio Time: Software

ShareIf you’ve ever read our artwork requirements and noticed that we offer a custom design service, you may have wondered exactly what software we use here to create artwork for our customers. It’s something we’ve been asked a few times, … Continue reading

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