Transforming the Shell Scheme Market

Venture Banners Shell Transformer at The Print Show 2019

Every year without fail, I write an objectives list. It usually happens around November/December and outlines what my objectives are for the coming year. I keep them in a folder on my desktop so that I can have a look every now and then to keep me focused. But, sometimes objectives are too big or too difficult to get done in twelve months, and get ‘rolled over’ to the next year.

In 2015 I wrote for one of my objectives: “Exhibition Hire Module for Venture. Must dress a shell scheme to make it into a decent looking stand. Hardware hire model to keep costs down?

I’ve always noticed that at any trade shows I’ve visited, around the edges, in the Shell Schemes, it is a sea of badly-printed Roller Banners and poorly-fitted Pop-Ups. Go to almost any show, even a print-based show and the Shell Schemes really do look like the poor relations compared to the vibrant, seamless graphics of the bigger boys and I wanted to address that.

The overall objective was to make a Shell Scheme look like a premium stand. I knew it had to be supplied on a premium material with hardware so easy to transport and install that the end user could do it and therefore negate any expensive put up and takedown charges. This was why I favoured the hire of hardware model, I knew any product that matched those criteria was going to be expensive.

For four years that goal has been in my objectives list, but it was a tough nut to crack. Now, finally we have our product: Shell Transformer. The hardware is Tecna T3 with SEG Channels for beautiful vibrant fabric graphics. It’s simplicity itself to install and it looks awesome with its Display Polyester fabric graphics printed on our FabriVU 340 dye-sub printer.

Have a look at the picture in this post. This was our test stand at The Print Show 2019. I installed that 5m × 3m two-wall shell system with graphics, on my own, in about an hour.

So there you have it. When you next get an enquiry to kit out a shell scheme, show your customer Shell Transformer. We’ve made a reseller information pack to download as well as a product brochure with prices to send your customer (note, you must be logged-in to download it first). I think it certainly gives you a better alternative to the traditional Pop-Up and Roller Banner, and your customer will love you for it.