A New Home For Venture Banners

Venture Banners' New Location
Venture Banners’ New Location

We’ve been in our Chelmsford office since November 2009, and in that time we’ve seen exponential business growth. Our team has got bigger, we’re dealing with more customers than ever before, and we’re printing more than we’ve ever printed. As a result, we’ve outgrown our current premises.

So we’re opening a new facility to house our sales, studio, and accounts departments, as well as a brand-new VUTEk printer. This will be the new home and cornerstone of Venture Banners.

We’ve enjoyed being in Chelmsford and would like to take this opportunity to thank our landlords and neighbouring businesses for putting up with us for as long as they have!

The When

We’re aiming to move over the course of the 6th–8th April, so it won’t be long at all.

There’s only a small amount of work we need to arrange before we move in, including a shiny new network installation and giving the production area both a lick of paint and some new lighting. Other than that, it’s ready to jump into.

The Where

Our new address will be:

Unit 10
Waterside Business Park

Though we would’ve liked to stay in Chelmsford, and we couldn’t stray too far from it (for staff travel reasons), the options in Witham made most sense for us.

How It Will Benefit Us

Up til now, our sales, studio, and accounts departments have been located in a different location to our production teams. Now though, that will be changing. Having all departments under one roof from start-to-finish will bring some big advantages over our current setup:

  • Our sales, studio and production teams will be just metres away from each other, meaning better and quicker communication between all involved
  • The process from point of order, to studio, to printing, to packing, to despatching will be seamless
  • We won’t need to re-upload processed artwork for production—all files will be processed and served locally
  • We’ll have enough parking for everyone
  • We can be as noisy as we want!

How It Will Benefit You

Having everything together will bring improvements for our customers too:

  • We hope to offer an express service for those in a hurry (a much requested service)
  • We’ll be able to offer more real-time updates on most orders, including courier consignment numbers
  • The new printer should give an improvement in print quality in most cases
  • Pick-ups will now be possible if you would like to save on delivery costs

When we’re all settled in, you’ll be more than welcome to visit and have a full tour. We’re hoping this should be by around mid-May, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready for visits. We’ll be able to show you how much large-format printing can help you and your business.

And in case you were wondering, we won’t be raising any of our prices. We’re sure this will be one of those happy “win-win” situations for all involved.

With the all-round improvements this will bring to our (already growing) business, we can’t wait to get started in the new building—onwards and upwards!