Why Customer Service Is Important

In pretty much any industry, customer service has to be important for any business to stand a chance of surviving for any length of time. If you look after your customers and provide a good service, they will then return and hopefully tell their friends. However, provide a bad service and you will lose that customer and you can bet they will definitely tell their freinds.

This is why that when someone has been displeased with our service, I get a little knotted up inside. As a company, we at Venture Banners take great pride in our approach to customer service, we try very hard to meet the customer’s requirements, and to ensure that their experience with us is as pleasureable as buying a banner can be.

But once in a while, you will get a customer that you can do nothing to please. Whether it be because a series of mistakes have been made or that they do not like the way that you operate your business, but either way you have left someone with an unhappy experience.

Now to compound the matter, not only have you more than likely lost any chance of doing business with that person in the future but it appears that people that have a bad experience are much more vociferous. This means that you will more than likely hear from them, indirectly, through their postings over the internet.

Now, having thought about this long and hard, I realised that one bad customer experience shouldn’t necessarily be cause for alarm, especially when we have a history of happy customers (the reviews can be found below the material description). However, as a company and as a duty of customer service to our customers, we cannot sit back on our laurels thinking that what we do is right regardless of an unhappy customer. We must always learn from these experiences and hope that in the future, those unhappy customers are even fewer and even farther between.

We welcome any views you have on the service that we provide, good or bad. There will be some issues that we will not be able to change but we will always do our best to explain why – our business has evolved with our customers so there will always be a reason for what we do.

I hope to follow up this post with another, highlighting the good, the bad and the answerable in the near future so please do leave a reply below.