Buying From China? No Thanks!

Buying printed banners from China has been seen as a viable cost-effective method of banner production by many banner printing companies for a while now. But this is not without its drawbacks.

We have been approached by an increasing number if companies, that are having increasing problems when dealing with printing companies based in China.

Time Is On My Side, Yes It Is

Ordering from China has never been good for short lead-times. Anything under a month could be tricky because of the distance it has to travel. To keep costs down the banner have to be bundled together with hundreds of others and placed on a container and shipped. Some are sent via cargo plane but costs increase and quantity can be limited.

However, if you have the luxury of a two month lead-time and you have sent your banner to China to be printed, what do you do if, after 6 weeks they call you and say they are not going to make your deadline? Well this is one of the main problems that some customers have appraoched us with. They have been let down by the supplier and the to job has become increasingly urgent, what can we do?

All we can do is provide our normal service and get the banners out in time for their event, we don’t like to let people down and if it’s not possible we’ll let you know beforehand.

That’s Not What I Wanted!

On at least one occassion, we have been told that what they received was not what they ordered. If this happens you are left with no time to fix the problem (unless you’ve had the foresight to get them sent early). Again, we are here to help with the production of your banners.

Language And Consumer Confidence

One of the more obvious problems is the language barrier. I know that English may be well spoken over there, I’m pretty sure that Chinese isn’t well spoken over here, other than by the resident Chinese contingent, obviously. With this in mind and the fact that they are thousands of miles away, I for one would not feel confident in my purchase… but then I might be slightly biased.

The Best Of British

Whilst I am sure that there are benefits and times when getting your banners printed in China is your preferred method, at Venture Banners we print all of our banners right here in the UK. Although we do have a 3/4 day turnaround time (due to the sheer amount of orders we put through on a daily basis) we are human enough to help out wherever we can. We will always aim to look after our existing customers but new customers should not be afraid to ask for help, we will always try to help if we can.

Please note that this article is in relation to printed banners and not the banner material itself, lest there be any confusion.