Planning Your Printing and Marketing Strategy

Whilst I was working as the Regional Marketing Manager for a large motor-dealer group we were successful because every month the group managers sat down in a dedicated Marketing Meeting. Our Dealer Principal was great at planning ahead with regards to the marketing.

Having a Sales Department that was willing to plan ahead was a dream for a Marketing Department. We would could get artwork designed, corrected, ammended, re-designed and approved in plenty of time. We were able to coordinate across the whole group, tweaking for individual branches requirements. The most important thing that came out of all of this was the fact that we got our printing back with weeks to spare.

The Proactive Approach Gives You Something Back

Being the Lead Designer and eventually Manager (replacing the entrepreneurial and now business partner, Scott Conway) of this pretty damn good Marketing Department, we had weekly advertising and event marketing down to a tee… with the exception of the odd spelling mistake which inexplicably slipped through the net.

What our proactive approach to marketing gave us was ‘time’.

If there was a change in message or price, we had time. If there was a change in quantity we had time. Most importantly if the print quality was not what we were after, we had time.

How This Relates To Banner Printing

At Venture Banners we always endeavour to provide great quality printing as I am sure any business strives to do. However, we hold our hands up, sometimes things do not go to plan and a banner which we would not normally send out, slips through our Quality Control.

If you have wisely pre-planned you marketing this will give us the time to correct our mistake and provide you with the banner printed to our usual high standards.

Being Proactive Not Reactive

We are not naive enough to think that everyone is able to be proactive, and in it’s absence being reactive can work just as well. We just want to give you the marketing products you require to our highest possible standard.