How To Fix A Banner…

…as in attach it to something, not mend a broken one!

If you want your banner to last, here are some little snippets of advice that if heeded, can stop those ‘what’s happened to my banner?’ moments.

Wind is not your friend

Wind is the biggest problem for banners. Think of your banner as a sail, if it was attached to a boat the boat would be pulled happily along the lake with the only resistance being the boat against the water. Now, place that sail on a building. There is no way that the building is moving so something has got to give, and it will probably be your banner.

If your banner is going to be in an exposed location, you are better off attaching the banner using an elasticated fitting such as bungee rope or bungee ties. What these do is take the energy transferred from the wind and dissipate it within the elastic – very scientific… ish.

We have witnessed banners a full foot away from their fence as the wind stretched the bungee to its limits!

Although cable ties are cheap and easy for attaching your banner, they will not provide any protection and will ‘yank’ at the banner in the wind.

If you can affix a banner to a solid surface and not allow any wind to get behind you are half-way there.

The youth of today… oh, and the drunk

We have had to re-print many banners in the past for customers as their banner has been damaged by either kids with not much else to do and think that it’ll be a laugh, or people walking home drunk after a night out who, again, think it’ll be a laugh.

Their short-lived jolly is your woe.

If you are located on a high-pedestrian-traffic route (and most businesses are) then if your banner is in a reachable location, it could be hung on, swung on or pulled down, so beware.

Other Weather

I have mentioned in a previous post about the hazards of snow.

The banners we provide are UV-stable so that they are protected from sunlight fading the ink.

The banners are also water-proof, as you would expect for something being used outdoors.

Banners are only temporary signage

The thing to remember is that banners are only temporary. There are no expected life-spans for banners, it is totally dependent upon where it is located and how protected it is. Compare it to a gazebo – you wouldn’t leave one up all year round as it would be a bit worse for wear, before too long.

The more unusual circumstances

There may be some more, albeit strange, ways in which banners can become damaged – the above is by no means definitive. Be wary of the following:

  • Cars and motorbikes
  • Medieval re-enactments
  • Stray javelins
  • Tall vehicles – for banners spanning streets
  • Farm animals

We would love to hear from you if you have any weird and wonderful ways that your banner has been rendered unusable.

The caveat

Please remember, this is only advice to help your banner last. It is not a sure-fire way to prevent your banner being damaged. We do not provide any guarantees with this information, we are only trying to help.