Foamex, huh, yeah! What is it good for?

Well the answer is quite a lot actually. Foamex is great for…

  • External hoardings
  • In-office displays
  • Reception area prints
  • In-home displays
  • Shop wall displays
  • Point-of-sale
  • Overhead hanging displays

As we have now added Foamex to our increasing range of substrates (materials to you and me), we wanted to give you a few ideas on what you can use it for. We have Foamex available at either 3mm or 5mm thickness and are now opening up a whole new can of worms in its application.

Our standard banners are perfect for what is required of them, fix them somewhere to get your message across. Now, however, we can make things look goooood!

Foamex has numerous uses but it is perfect for improving environmental aesthetics. It can transform dreary walls into jungles or dull lobbies into city scapes, and, if used cleverly, for subtle point-of-sale promotions. You can have product shots, lifestyle imagery, anything to make your customer feel that your product(s) are right for them, or are something more aspirational.

Foamex used in a child's bedroom
Foamex used in a child's bedroom

It doesn’t just have to be for business use either, Foamex can also be used around the home. Large prints on a solid surface could be just what you need to finish your dining room with that picture you took on holiday, or maybe something for the kid’s bedroom?

It’s not something that you’d immediately think of when it comes to having it around the house but then it being light-weight makes it easy to fix to a wall (with only the use of sticky pads) and you can have pretty-much whatever you wanted.

How about that boring office? Want a more inspirational view? Then we can help. Find an image, or even ask us to, that you would like to stare at during your, ahem, ‘screen-break’, and feel the motivation seep back in… although for legal reasons, motivational seeping is not guaranteed.

We can print anything on Foamex and we print directly to the surface of the material, whereas some people only print to an adhesive material then ‘stick’ it to the Foamex, which adds additional cost. Not only that but we can print both sides which can have its uses for either hanging or if you want to change a message, just turn it around – kinda like McDonald’s do at 10:30 or 11 or whenever their breakfasts end, although this isn’t Foamex, but you get the idea.

Foamex used in an office
3 Foamex panels used in an office to create a 6m x 1.4m piece of artwork

The maximum board size is a huge 3.05m x 2.05m (10ft x 6ft 8in). However, if you want something even bigger, the boards can easily be placed side-by-side to stunning effect.

Basically, Foamex is a very versatile material and, we think, has many more uses than your average banner. Do let us know if you can think of any other uses other than those mentioned here, or if you have any photos of Foamex in situ.

For more information on Foamex, visit our website at:

The benefits of Foamex are:

  • Digitally printed direct to the surface of the material
  • Can be printed either single or double-sided
  • M1/B1 fire rated
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Flexible and durable, can be stuck, screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Lamination available upon request
  • Up to 3.05m x 2.05m (10ft x 6ft 8in) in one-piece