Storing Your Banners

We are approaching a little bit of a lull in the printing world with the Christmas and New Year marketing out of the way and companies planning for the year ahead. This is when your banner needs looking after.

If you have had a banner printed with a seasonal message that you would like to use again next year and it has survived the rigors of our in-clement weather, correct storage is your friend.

Roll your banner

This may seem obvious but rolling your banner has two advantages…

  1. It prevents the likelyhood of creases as your banner is not forced into any folds which banners are not too keen on.
  2. It is easier to store correctly, as the footprint of the banner is a lot less (e.g. the rolled end)

Don’t stack on top of the banner

Although you may have rolled your banner, if you then stack on top of the rolled banner it will flatten by the time you come to use it again and you will have a very unattractive, repeating crease across the banner. Creases do fall out over time (more easily on Mesh than PVC) but if something has been sitting on your banner for the best part of 11 months then the chances are, they are there for good.

Stand the banner on it’s end

This helps the banner keep its rigidity. Laying it down can also cause it to crease as it flattens under its own weight. This is more important for larger banners as the overall weight is increased.

Keep it dry

If water is allowed to get in between the banner, combined with the low light and air-flow, it can allow mould to grow. This mould will take a long time to destroy the banner, but this is not the main problem. The fact that this mould will stain a banner is the biggest problem. When removed, the mould will leave marks across the banner causing it to look grubby and effectively leaving it unuseable.

For bigger banners

If you have a larger banner that is simply too large to roll, then folding is your only option. Loosely fold the banner into as big an area as you can store without placing anything on it. Keeping the folds as curved as possible will help, but you will find that the larger banners tend to pull their creases out a lot quicker and more effectively, simply due to their weight.

For roller banners

Click here for more on roller banners

These beauties come with their own cassette so you can simply roll the artwork back into its unit and it is nicely protected for the duration of storage. However, be carefull when rolling it back into the cassette as it is a spring-loaded mechanism (so that it rolls the graphic up as you lower it). This, again, may sound a bit obvious but you would be suprised at how many people just let go of the graphic (both accidently and on purpose) and as the graphic flies into the unit, it cracks across the top when it comes to a sudden stop!

Keep your banners happy and re-useable

We want to keep our customers as happy as possible whilst keeping things cost-effective and although banners are meant as temporary signage there is no reason that if a banner is looked after sufficiently, both whilst it is up and in storage, it should be able to last for multiple events.

This is by no means a sure-fire way to everlasting banners, but it will certainly give your banner the best possible of chance of seeing the light of day once more.