New Blog, New Ideas

So here we are ā€” the people behind Venture Banners. Hello!

Three and a half years on from when we were a two-man operation in a garage, our business has grown exponentially year-on-year. We’ve moved to our own office, increased the size of our sales, studio and print teams, and secured two production factories across England. We’re now one of the UK’s largest suppliers of printed advertising banners.

We believe this is down to the hard work and effort put into making sure that we continue to keep our customers happy. This year alone, we’ve reduced our delivery rates, introduced a shiny new online shop, started-up our own ‘northern’ office at Kingfisher Digital, broken all of our previous records and benchmarks, brought in a new online discount voucher scheme, started a gallery of lovely banner templates, expanded our own dedicated design studio, launched a new suite of banner display stands, added a new range of substrates to choose from, created a convenient trade pack for trade customers, and built our very own internal online order-processing system from the ground up. Phew!

On top of that, because we’re a fun bunch of people, we like to keep ourselves happy, too: we watched the (admittedly disappointing) World Cup in style, invested in our own ‘creative area’ (two huge BeanBags), and have been busy decorating our office walls.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be continuing to improve our core business by streamlining the order process and making it easier to get your banners faster. We’ll also be expanding into new markets, adding new substrates to our range, sharing our thoughts on the banner market as a whole, launching a cool new business (sssshhh!), holding a few giveaway competitions and prize-draws, giving an insight into (hopefully the most interesting parts of) our business, highlighting some of our more unusual projects, introducing ourselves, and providing tips on the best ways to design and display banners to get your message across in the most impacting and cost-effective ways.

And where do I find all this wonderful stuff, you might wonder? Glad you asked. Right here at the Venture Banners blog (, of course!

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We encourage all kinds of feedback: feel free to comment on our blog posts (no sign-up required), say hi on Twitter or Facebook, email us, or give us a call. You can also chat via our Instant Messaging account (online during office hours): [email protected] Let us know your thoughts on what we’re doing, what you think we could do differently, and what you’d like to see us improve on. We’re open to all ideas!

We’re very excited about where we’re heading, and we hope you can join us along the way.